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Are you hoping to gain clarity, stop feeling stuck and work toward creating a life you love? 

If you've felt the nudge that something needs to give, coaching may be exactly what you need.

Meet your Coach

Finding the right coach is key to your success.

Coaching is an intimate experience! It requires trust and a comfortable space for you to explore what is really going on in that amazing mind of yours. 

It takes a fine balance of encouragement and challenge to make sure you can reach your goals. 

As someone who has coached dozens of women (and a few men!), I've learned how to help people manage their minds while empowering them to go after a life that truly lights them up. 


It would be my complete honour to coach you to do the same.



Feeling a big sense of relief from gaining complete clarity on the direction you'd like to move forward in.

Going beyond the surface level to finally understand where your current beliefs come from.

Waking up feeling excited to start your day as you know what your purpose truly is. Sunday Scaries are a thing of the past.

Having the right tools to help you navigate through any mindset obstacle that might come up.

Get yourself back on track so you can be the best version of you & fulfill your dreams.

...I'm thrilled I've been able to create a coaching framework that can make this your new reality!




Decide what you really want & get clarity

When is the last time you had a conversation with someone who took your dreams seriously? Who provided the space for you to explore what truly lights you up? 

In the first couple of sessions, we figure out where you're currently at and where you'd ultimately like to be.

This is your time to dream BIG.


Work through the hard stuff with the right support

We all have a running narrative in our minds that dictates the way we live day-to-day. This next step is building self-awareness.


Together, we will figure out the blocks that are currently preventing you from moving forward in your life and how you can get new results in a practical way.


Transform your mindset to live a life you love!

The most exhilarating part is realizing how far you've come. When we conclude our coaching together we set you up for success going forward.

We create a personalized plan for you to coach yourself so you can tackle anything else that might come your way.




Hi! I'm a Mindset & Success Coach who has been obsessed with personal growth and development for years. 

During the pandemic, I felt more stuck than ever so I signed up for a group coaching program that changed my life. I decided to take BIG action. I became a certified coach & have been helping people with their own personal growth and development journeys ever since!

I believe with the right tools and support anyone can change their life for the better & coaching is my absolute favourite way to do so.

 What's included? 

Bi-weekly 1:1 Calls
+ recordings


Resources & more

Your investment options:

6 months: 

Pay in FULL

$3000 CAD

I'm in! I prefer to pay it all upfront.


$555 CAD

I'm in! I prefer to pay a bit more to split my payments up over time.


I have had a few sessions with Katie so far & each call has been invaluable. Katie has the ability to reflect back to me the seemingly simplest truths that I had overlooked. She works mindset magic & has helped me learn new thinking patterns to replace old, limiting thoughts. Katie has a passion for coaching I have seen in few others & if you're looking for a person who loves what they do & can help you into a new frame of mind, she's the coach for you. 

Nora B.

Katie’s coaching surpassed all expectations, I had a predetermined area I wanted to focus on and the major turning point of our sessions was when she challenged me to focus on another area identified as a greater opportunity that turned out to be true. Completely unexpected outcome and thoroughly enjoyed each session!

William H.


I need this.

If you're ready for a life transformation, the next step is to apply for private coaching!

I need some more info

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