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The Journal of a Life Coach: Post #3

June 29th, 2020

So today is the first day of doing the daily success rituals which is very exciting because I think part of my coaching will be trying to help people build good habits. I went for a walk with Coops (my heel is still hurting so couldn’t run) while listening to something inspirational which was a podcast ep by Tom Bilyeu, did yoga, a 10-minute meditation and just finished writing out my affirmations.

I’m thankful to past me that none of these habits are actually new to me except for the affirmations one. I feel the most resistance there because 1) I’m not sure if I’m choosing good enough affirmations and 2) it feels silly. I know it’s linked to science and repetition is the key to changing our beliefs but yeah, doesn’t feel quite right. I’m looking forward to being consistent with all of these though. I know once I’m back at the office it’ll be harder to keep up so I’m going to enjoy and embrace my flexible schedule for now. And I’ll adjust as I go!

Yesterday evening I began the welcome bit of the course and listened to a mindset coaching call earlier that day & the things the girls brought up in terms of their fears and concerns were sooooo relatable. I’m already seeing the value of having a community. The facebook community seems sooo strong and I think that’s completely necessary when embarking on a journey like this. Connecting with like-minded women will make me feel way less alone in this because I don’t know anyone in my life who's interested in becoming a life coach.

So my first impressions are really strong. I also feel like I have a bit of experience that’ll help me in starting this business including having started a small business before and having had to do all of the socials and legal/paperwork. I can refine those skills and I am not an expert by ANY means but that mixed with my production background will hopefully serve me now.

My main work is going to be on my mindset I think. So many fears around what my friends, family and current coworkers will think. My whole network knows me as someone who works in TV, it’ll be a strange adjustment period. AHHHHHH. Hahah but I’ll take it one step at a time!!


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