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Do you know how you feel?

Are your emotions something you pay regular attention to? For the majority of people, it's not really something we ever pay attention to consciously. We may experience our emotions but we rarely think ABOUT their effect on us.

Emotions are our body's way of sending us a message. In very simple terms, it's a way of our brain giving us information through the body. And it comes through different vibrations in our body, depending on the emotion.

Often times we repress and distract ourselves from emotions that don't feel good to us. Think about the last time you reached for a treat or a drink when you were stressed out. It can be way easier to cover up uncomfortable feelings rather than lean into them!

As a society, we even categorize certain feelings as unacceptable or bad. But no emotion is bad or good, they're all part of the human experience. For instance, if you were at a funeral of a loved one, you might actually want to experience sadness at that moment. You likely wouldn't want to be excited or elated.

Our awareness of the mind-body connection is a significant thing to become conscious of, if you aren't already. It can deepen our connection to our life and to others, helping us feel like we have a more meaningful life.

Two useful ways to bring more awareness to our mind-body connection are through mediation and yoga. They have a focus on both your body and mind. And it's the effect this has on us that lasts longer than in any given hour.

Consider the following feelings, then what your current relationship with them is like:

  • sad

  • happy

  • excited

  • dreadful

  • impatient

  • surprised

  • angry

  • annoyed

  • frustrated

  • elated

  • calm

Do you allow these feelings into your life equally or do you allow only some of them? Why do you do that?

Giving this some thought can help you increase your emotional intelligence. This is a great soft skill to develop as it really affects your entire lived experience including the lives of those around you.

I'd love to know if this resonated with you, feel free to share with someone who might benefit from this!


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