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Setting a Goal Intentionally Course

The Setting a Goal Intentionally course is for you if...


✨ you’d like to really stick to the goal you set

✨ you need some guidance on how to figure out how to bring your goal setting to the next level

✨ you often set new year’s resolutions but don’t stick to them

✨ you’re looking to develop a goal for the right reason

✨ you don’t often give your goal setting a ton of effort or thought & then wonder why you give up on them

✨ you’re looking for tools to help you through the goal setting process 


I’ve got you covered!


We’re going to start with a meditation, figure out your WHY, set an intention, talk about important mindset shifts to consider, go through the various life areas for goal setting, tweak the goal for maximum success, make sure it’s aligned & put an action place into place! PHEW!





IMG_1616 2.jpg

Course breakdown:

Module 1: Clarity
Module 2: Alignment
Module 3: Action Plan

Plus 2 juicy bonuses inside.

All for $125 CAD! 

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