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Join the waitlist now to get first access to the Follow Through Crew Membership!!

Tell me more!!

The Follow Through Crew is a membership community for go-getters that want to work on their mindset, personal development and goals alongside like-minded women. 

What's included?

  • accountability partner

  • monthly group coaching call

  • monthly workshop (with replay)

  • monthly mini-course (video module + workbook)

  • quarterly book club (4 books per year)

When does it begin?

The membership kicks off on January 2nd!


The doors open for sale first to you as a waitlister which will be on December 22nd.

How much will it be?

Regular price will be $50 USD but as a founding member, you'll get it for $35 USD!!!

If you join the waitlist you'll get an added BONUS of a 30 minute 1:1 call with Katie for no extra cost.

The waitlist is open!


Sign up here!

Thanks for signing up!

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