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Build your biz in a way that feels good. 
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You've finally found your purpose - you're ready to help others...and you'd like for this to be a real business.

But you're overwhelmed with how much there is to do & you feel like you have no idea how to make it happen...

Surpassing this stage is what separates those who stay stuck & those who become successful and impactful leaders.

And remember, everyone was once where you're at right now. You just need to build your business in a way that works for you.

Feeling stuck is NORMAL ....however, it's not where you want to stay.

The overwhelm is real and doubting yourself can be all-consuming.

Are you finding it hard to know what to work on next or how to even get started?

You know social media would be a great way to find clients but you don't feel confident showing up online.

The imposter syndrome is real. You question why you're the right one to help people.

Your current messaging/niche feels a bit confusing, not quite where you'd like it to be.

These are the troubles new business owners often face. 

They are normal mindset problems but can feel completely debilitating.

Sometimes this is where people give up...but that doesn't have to be your story!

NO! You want more, you want to serve, make your mark & impact others.

You want freedom and flexibility - not to mention make an amazing income!

You know you were made for this.

Can we acknowledge for a minute just how far you've already come?

You took the plunge and finally admitted to yourself that you want to be an entrepreneur.

Now, it's time to get going with actually building your business.

It's time for feelings of ease and confidence, which can only come from being deeply connected to yourself and your business.

To go from feeling like you don't know how to grow your business.... making big steps forward, believing in yourself and loving the process itself!

So how will you do this??

To get unstuck

. . . you're going to need to try something new


The thing that most people don't tell you is...

Everyone experiences doubt at the beginning, nothing has gone wrong and nothing is wrong with you.

All we need to do is refocus your energy in a new direction, with the right support.

This requires mindset & belief work, NOT MORE STRATEGY.

Let's get you away from thinking you need to buy another course or sign up for another free masterclass on how to "get more clients".

You also don't need more credentials.

But some CONFIDENCE would be nice!

You already have all that you need and my job is to help you see that.



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Katie Marriott, Confidence Coach

I thought the programme was amazing. I learned so much. Katie is such an amazing Coach! She is kind and honest and will challenge you on anything you throw at her. Her coaching skills are so brilliant and it was a pleasure to work with her. 

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Leny, Life Coach

This program really helped me to connect with my core values and intuition and give me the tools how to do so. Before I felt so overwhelmed about everything I need to do to start building my business, all the content, systems in place and offerings. There are so many templates and strategies out there that got me so confused that I didn’t take any action at all. In this program I realized I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, I can go my own way, build it so I FEEL good about it. In every area, such as content and offers and setting up a coaching program. If you feel overwhelmed about getting started with your business or feeling you can’t move forward this is the program for you!

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Tania Romanenia, Mindset Coach

Thank you Katie for such a beautiful program. It was right what I needed to finally connect to my business and understand how I want it to look like and how I want to go to the world with it. Katie has very soft and feminine approach and it makes the program and the information very digestible and easy to implement in your business and daily life! 


BYBI 1:1

With this 12-session 1:1 coaching program over the span of 4 months, you will finally feel deeply connected to your business and know exactly how to move forward!

Let's look at what it's based on...

6 Pillars to Build Your Biz Intuitively
  1. Core Values & Core Desired Feelings​

  2. Mindset & Belief Work 

  3. Daily Rituals

  4. Community

  5. Inspiration & Learning

  6. Support

I saw so many women who had great ideas but struggled with their self-worth and self-belief.


It broke my heart to think they wanted to help people but they couldn't figure out how to get past their own mindset blocks first.


This is WHY I created this program. 

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Not sure if BYBI is for you?
Let's see, do you want to...
  • ...get some control over your mindset drama?

  • ...learn tools to create new empowering beliefs?

  • ...feel excited about your business again?

  • ...have the confidence to put yourself out there?

  • ...get dream clients? 

If you answered yes to one or more of those, you're ready to Build Your Biz Intuitively...
Why can't I figure this out on my own?

You might be able to! But I'm guessing you haven't made the progress you'd like. Answer these for me...

  • are you too overwhelmed to know what business strategy to implement?

  • you know you're great at what you do but are you spending all your time stressing about how this will ever work?

  • are you wondering how others who started after you are making so much more progress in their biz? HOW?!

Wouldn't it be a heck of a lot easier and FASTER to learn from someone who has built their own business intuitively & can help set you up properly?


Learn how to rely on your own intuition for your business decisions, get deeply connected to your biz and figure out what the best way forward is.

In case we haven't met before, I'm Katie, a Mindset Coach! 
Anyone who knows me knows how much I love coaching and entrepreneurship. I believe we need more female leaders in this space so...

I am on a mission to help new female entrepreneurs do what they love by building their business in a way that they feel proud of.

Take a peek at some of the program's feedback:
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It just really helps to have someone who is outside of your biz that can help you see what might be holding you back in a way you often can't see for yourself. 
Wouldn't it be amazing if...

  • You showed up online with ease and confidence

  • You felt amazing about your business & where you're at with it

  • You knew exactly what strategies were right for your business

  • You took action in a way that actually moved your business forward

  • You knew how to make the right decisions for your business

  • You had the mindset tools to equip you with any block you might come up against


Of course it would!!! Let's make this happen for you. Time for you to Build Your Biz Intuitively!

BYBI is the best investment you can make at the beginning of your business.
Here's what you get:
  • 3 1:1 calls per month (12 calls in all)

  • 4 video modules (one per month) + workbooks 

  • Tools to help you tackle mindset drama

  • Accountability homework

I cannot wait to welcome incredible women into the program who are ready for a change. I'll be accepting only those who are willing to do the work, show up ready to smash their goals and are excited for this program!!!

Your investment options:
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Pay in FULL

$5000 CAD

$3000 CAD

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I'm in! I prefer to pay a bit less all upfront.

2 Installments

$2625 CAD

$1625 CAD

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I'm in! I prefer to split my payments up over time.

4 Installments

$1375 CAD

$875 CAD

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I'm in! I prefer to split my payments up over time.
Relaxing at Home
  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions are one hour in length.
  • Where do sessions happen?
    Through video on zoom. A link will be sent before the session.
  • What's the difference between life coaching & therapy?
    A Therapist is a licensed medical professional who can treat those who struggling with a mental health issue and tend to be more past-focused in their sessions. Whereas, Life Coaches work with high-functioning individuals and tend to focus more on the present and future of their client's lives. Life Coaching is an unregulated industry, making due diligence important when deciding on who to work with. Most Life Coaches offer a free call to ensure a good fit. Therapists usually don't share their personal experiences with their patients but Life Coaches can bring anedoctal examples into the conversation if useful.
  • What do we do in sessions?
    Coaching happens through a series of questions and answers. We talk about your life and how you view the events in your life. In between sessions you'll be given homework to complete (such as journal prompts).
  • How much time do I need to commit?
    The designated hour of the session and any activities we decide on in session. We will always make it workable within your schedule.
  • How much does it cost? Are there payment plans available?
    A 6-month package of bi-weekly sessions is $3000 CAD. Yes, monthly instalments are $555 CAD for 6 months.
  • What if I want to try one session to see if I like it?
    Special arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis.


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